What to Do If Your Teeth Move After Braces?

It's normal for teeth to shift slightly after braces, but they must remain in alignment. If you observe minor changes in your smile, you may need to wear your retainers more often. Even a few days without retainers can cause your teeth to move. Yes, teeth can move backwards after braces and yes, teeth that move after braces are quite common.The bad news is that yes, teeth can move after braces.

But the good news is that there are many steps you can take to prevent your teeth from shifting after treatment with braces. Moving your teeth backwards after braces is a common issue and can be very disheartening. After wearing braces for months, or even years, the last thing you want to do is check that your teeth are returning to their original position.If you had braces or other orthodontic procedures to correct the alignment of your teeth, your teeth have shifted from their natural position. Smilelign transparent braces are almost invisible and are ideal for realigning teeth that have been moved backwards after braces.