What to Expect When Braces are Removed?

Most people don't experience pain when they take off their braces, but some discomfort is to be expected due to the relief of tooth pressure. After the removal of orthodontic appliances, a retainer is worn while teeth, bones, and gums adjust to their new position. Teeth naturally want to return to their original place, but retainers help reduce the amount of movement. Once braces are removed, brushing and flossing teeth become much easier and faster.

However, this doesn't mean that teeth maintenance should be neglected. Re-introducing sticky or fibrous foods into the diet means that brushing and flossing become even more important. Removing dental adhesive or glue from braces can be uncomfortable for people with sensitive teeth. To remove the adhesive, the orthodontist must use a dental handle and polish the entire adhesive.

The handle usually has an air draft that can cause some discomfort to those who are sensitive to cold.