Can Braces Permanently Straighten Teeth?

For most people, braces are the safest and most effective way to achieve a permanently straightened smile. If your teeth are only slightly crooked or a little tight, an orthodontist may prescribe a retainer to help straighten them out. It is not recommended to try to straighten your teeth yourself. Unfortunately, even after orthodontic treatment, there is still a chance that your teeth may return to their original position.

This is especially likely if you do not wear your retainers as instructed. Braces do not attach teeth to the mouth, but rather guide them into a straighter position. Once the braces are removed, the teeth no longer have that barrier and may not move enough to be noticed. However, there are certain situations that could cause straight teeth to become crooked again. To ensure that your teeth stay in their desired position, it is important to wear a retainer for at least four months after removing your braces.

This time frame is crucial for allowing the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth to adapt to their new position. Orthodontists suggest using retainers for this period of time in order to maximize the effect of having used braces.

Do braces permanently straighten teeth?

Almost everyone can permanently straighten their teeth with braces, which are safe and effective. If your teeth are only slightly crooked or clenched, you may only need a retainer prescribed by an orthodontist. Depending on the type of dental appliances and how misaligned your teeth are, you may need to wear braces between six months and three years.

After successfully enduring dental treatment and using braces for between six months and two years to straighten their teeth, the relief of finally having their braces removed and seeing their new smile is a magical moment.