What to Expect When Wearing Removable Braces

If you're considering getting removable braces, you may be wondering what to expect. While there may be some pain 3 to 5 days after the adjustments are made, this is normal as your teeth adapt to the new mold. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers can help with any mild discomfort. After each meal, it's important to remove the brace and rinse your mouth thoroughly, brushing it with your toothbrush to remove all dirt.

The price of braces can vary significantly depending on factors such as where you live, how long you'll need them, and the type of braces you buy. Aesthetic ceramic fixed braces are a good choice if you're concerned about the appearance of metal braces. You should be able to eat normally after your brace is placed, and it's important to keep it on while you're doing so, unless your orthodontist tells you otherwise. It can take a few months to several years for the braces to gently press your teeth to move them to the correct position.

You should attend regular appointments to adjust your brace and check your teeth movements. You can also use special cleaning products for braces, for example, in the form of a soluble powder or tablet that you can put in a cleaning box or cup along with your braces. In some situations, fixed braces are not ideal devices for making the necessary corrective changes to the bite, and a removable brace would be more appropriate. Treatment with removable braces is usually followed or preceded by treatment with fixed braces (but not always).